About Me

I’m a Senior Project Manager at adelphi leading the topical areas of sustainability entrepreneurship and climate-smart inclusive green business models in developing countries and emerging economies. As a political scientist, I have many years of experience in conceptualising and leading international development projects, especially on behalf of the European Commission, various ministries and UN organisations, as well as German and international development cooperation organisations.

As an experienced project leader, I design and implement projects and programmes for national and international institutions. My work is primarily centred on the intersection of economic development, environmental policy and private sector cooperation. I have sound competencies as an evaluator of sustainable business models and as a developer of entrepreneurial capacity building programmes. I am furtherĀ Capacity WORKS certified.

As a senior project manager with years of career experience in international cooperation, I am Head of Programmes of SEED, a global multi-stakeholder partnership that was founded at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002 and that supports innovative, small and growing eco-inclusive enterprises in developing countries and emerging economies. In this context I have over the years evaluated a huge variety of sustainable business models as part of the global SEED Awards and have implemented several workshop formats with innovative eco-inclusive start-up enterprises in Africa (Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Uganda) and Asia (Vietnam).

I am a co-author of a case study series on successful local initiatives in the area of biodiversity conservation and poverty eradication as part of the international multi-stakeholder project “Biodiversity for Local Livelihoods“. My regional expertise extends from Asia to Latin America and Africa.